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Early Alerts System Activated to Enhance Student Success

post it noteAs you may recall, the College activated the Early Alerts System to enhance student success.

Early Alerts has been activated College-wide and is available to all faculty who wish to use this optional service to connect students with resources they need.   The dates below reflect the availability of the Early Alerts system.

Early Alerts is a feature that allows instructors to note their observations/concerns about a student in class.  When submitted, the information will be forwarded to the Student Support Specialists on campus so they can gather the resources to assist the student.

Click here to review the Early Alerts how to document for further information and directions on how to use Early Alerts.

Please find the dates for Fall 2015 Early Alerts below:

Early Alerts Fall 201580

Full Term         Start 9/4/2015        End 9/11/2015
Session A        Start 9/4/2015        End 9/11/2015
Session O        Start 9/18/2015      End 9/25/2015
Session B        Start 10/30/2015    End 11/6/2015

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