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Important Message for BlackBoard Login

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From Online Learning and Academic Technology:

There seems to be some confusion as to the login new procedure that students and faculty will be going through in the fall to access the Blackboard Learn Online environment and I wanted to make sure I communicated in laymen’s terms the change that was made.

We have fielded several concerned phone calls both in ITS Helpdesk and in OLAT that faculty are concerned and were not told about the new single sign and authentication process when utilizing the Blackboard LMS.  The largest concern is that if they went through to get to Blackboard that the session would time out.

When you log in through: and are redirected to the logon page that requires your tri-c “S” number and password, you are actually not going to or my tri-c space.  What you are actually going through is a single sign-on secure authentication page which is branded similarly to look like My Tri-C space but does NOT have a timed log-out function.  IE: You can be signed in without getting kicked out indefinitely until the internet connection is broken by logging out/off of the browser on your computer.  This will keep students and faculty from having to sign in twice each time they sit down to do work in the Blackboard LMS.

Notifications were on the Blackboard site login page till the changeover occurred, and communicated out by ITS in an email from as well. This is a permanent change that will make our blackboard environment secure for the campus(s).

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