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Federal Shutdown: Supporting Students


TO: Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
FROM: Angela Johnson, Vice President, Access and Completion
SUBJECT: Federal Shutdown: Supporting Students

As many are aware, the College has been proactive in assisting students impacted by the partial federal shutdown and/or have been furloughed. I want to share with the College community how we can help students during the shutdown and other support resources.

FINANCIAL AID: Several federal agencies, including Internal Revenue Service, Selective Service Registration, Social Security Administration, and Department of Homeland Security, are used in the determination of federal financial aid for students. The shutdown limits our ability to make final financial aid awards, in many cases. Given this closure, we have made exceptions for impacted students and have placed temporary holds on students’ accounts despite their ability to provide certain documents regarding their financial aid awards. Impacted students have been contacted regarding the exception opportunity and alternatives to some financial aid requirements.

CASH PAYERS: Students who self-identify that they or their parents are impacted by the shutdown or furloughed and unable to pay their tuition should work with the Enrollment Centers to discuss a payment extension and remain in classes.

FOOD ASSISTANCE: We have also learned that the Department of Housing and Urban Development has delayed or not processed funds for clients regarding their SNAP (food assistance) and cash benefits. Locally, this is causing delays with funding from the Ohio of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS). As such, we want to ensure information about local food banks is shared with students.

CAMPUS FOOD PANTRY: Each campus has a food pantry whereby students to obtain food and personal items. We want to remind students of this resource and to go to their Student Life & Athletics/Student Engagement Offices on their campus for more details. As a faculty/staff member, please also reach out to these offices to
learn how you can donate to the food pantry. life/student-food-bankpantry.html

***We also want to thank Aramark for their generous contribution of $500 per campus in non-perishable food items this past week to increase the supplies available to students.

EMERGENCY FUNDS: Each semester, the College provides students with access to emergency funds through the Student Financial Aid Office and the Deans of Student Affairs. Students can work with one of these offices to determine eligibility for this resource.

CARE TEAM CASH: Care Team Cash provides an opportunity for staff, faculty, and administrators in the Access, Learning, and Success division to save a student. This is an opportunity to help a student who is dealing with a hardship impacting their ability to persist. You can make a difference in the student’s experience by providing a student with a $100 Visa gift card, be sure to read the Care Team Cash guidelines as you make the referral.

Many of us are impacted by the effects of the federal shutdown. With this update, we can all take action and share these opportunities with students that may be in need of such resources during this time.

If you have questions or know of other issues that students have raised, please let us know so that we can address concerns, as appropriate.

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