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ADA Compliance
Under ADA Title II, colleges and universities are considered to be places of public accommodation. All programs, services and activities must be accessible to students with disabilities, and accommodations must be provided in a timely manner.

The Departments of Education and Justice issued an addendum on May 26, 2011, to the Dear Colleague Letter (6/29/10), reaffirming that “equal access for students with disabilities is the law and must be considered as new technology is integrated,” that “all faculty [including adjuncts] and staff must comply,” and that “the antidiscrimination obligations ‘apply to online courses and other online content’” (see Disability Compliance for Higher Education, Allan L. Shackelford, Esq., Feb. 2013, Wiley Publications).

Online Accessibility Procedure (PDF)

Online Accessibility Compliance Checklist (PDF)

Online Accessibility Statement (DOCX)

Tri-C Supported Technologies Accessibility Statements

Access Faculty Handbook (PDF)

Instructions and Resources

Follow the links below to pages with instructions and/or further resources to help you meet accessibility compliance in your courses. Use the Online Accessibility Compliance Checklist (above) to review your use of different types of content items in your courses (e.g. documents, multimedia, images).


The following college resources are described and linked to further services here:

College Resources and Support

  • Access Office
  • Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE)
  •  Deans/Directors
    • Service Activity Credits for ADA Compliance Redesign
  • Faculty Accessibility Coaches
  • Leadership, Enrichment, and Development (LEAD)
  • The Office of Online Learning and Academic Technology
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