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Video Accessibility

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  • Provide transcripts for all video files, or provide an alternative version. Captions are preferred.

Video- Compliant- Youtube with transcript

Compliant: YouTube video with Transcript

Video - Compliant - Youtube with Transcript

Compliant: Video with Attached Transcript

  • When searching YouTube for videos, choose those that are closed captioned.

Read about Automatic Captions in YouTube.

Video - Compliant - Youtube in an Item

Compliant: Closed Captioned Video

Video - Compliant - Youtube from video menu

Compliant: Closed Captioned Video

Video- searching youtube

Compliant: Closed Captioned Video or with Transcript

Video-Noncompliant- youtube in BB

Non-Compliant: No Transcript or Closed Captioning

Video - Noncompliant - Link no CC or transcript

Non-Compliant: No Transcript or Closed Captioning

  • Provide text-based alternative for interactive elements (Flash, etc.) that are NOT keyboard accessible.

Video- Noncompliant- flash game with example for alternative

Non-Compliant: No Text-based Alternative to Flash

  • Set instructional media files to play upon click of user (instead of auto-play on load).

Video-Compliant-No autostart and Loop settings

Compliant: No Autostart, No Looping

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