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PowerPoint Accessibility

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When adding text to your PowerPoint slides, utilize the same standards for Text for Instructional Materials as listed in the Online Accessibility Compliance Checklist (PDF):

  • Use high contrast text, such as black text on a white background
  • Use at least 12 point, sans serif fonts
  • Use Bold or Italics for emphasis, instead of underlining (screen readers interpret underlining as links)
  • Avoid red or green text or text decoration
  • Avoid blinking text and images such as gifs. Use the slide feature for moving text with no more than two repetitions.

Read more about PowerPoint and Accessibility at WebAIM: PowerPoint Accessibility

When adding pictures and graphics to your PowerPoint slides, be sure to add “Alt text”.

Image Menu in PowerPoint

Choosing the Image Menu in PowerPoint

A format picture dialog box

The Alt Text Input Window

Additional information for creating accessible PowerPoint Slides on a Mac and on Windows.

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