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Adjunct Faculty Professional Development program provides an opportunity for adjunct faculty to enhance their success in the classroom and promote engagement in the Tri-C Community. These stipend-eligible categories are designed to focus on interdisciplinary, pedagogy, and technology competencies and explore new teaching strategies, pedagogies, emerging technologies, and more.

The Stipend Program provides a financial incentive of $500 to adjuncts who complete five stipend-eligible units (SEUs) in at least two categories of the seven listed below (i.e., all SEUs submitted should not be from the same category) within a single academic school year. Adjunct faculty who accumulate more than 5 SEUs in a single year may carry over a maximum of 1 SEU to the next academic school year.

Upon completion of five (5) SEUs, it is the responsibility of the adjunct faculty member to complete the Stipend Request Form (revised Fall 2017) to receive payment. Please complete this form and submit to the Adjunct Services Office at your respective home campus.

Full-time Administrative Staff: Please be aware that workshops must be taken outside your normal work hours. Taking vacation and personal time to cover the workshops does not make them eligible for the stipend.

View the Faculty Central Calendar here for upcoming development opportunities.

  • To register for workshops in Talent Engagement Center (TEC):
    • Log on to My Tri-C Space > Employee tab > Talent Engagement Center icon (TEC) > Learning tab > Events Calendar > Select Training > Request button
  • To view your transcript in Talent Engagement Center (TEC):
    • Log on to My Tri-C Space > Employee tab > Talent Engagement Center icon (TEC) > Learning tab > View Your Transcript > Click on the down arrow next to “Active” and select “Completed”.
    • Please be aware that only those workshops, meetings, and events that you register for through TEC will be available on your transcript.

If you are interested in applying for a workshop to be stipend eligible, please submit the Adjunct Stipend Workshop Eligibility Request Form (revised Fall 2016)  first for approval from the LEAD Office.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your stipend, please contact the Adjunct Services Office at your respective home campus.

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