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Google Docs/Drive

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  • Before the workshop, you need to create a Google account, so that you can practice working in Google Drive.
  • Go to this page to set up a free personal Google account:

Have you been in the situation where you’re working with a number of colleagues or students on campus or off to collaboratively work on a document,  or prepare a joint presentation, and you’re emailing various versions around as attached files and trying to keep track of which is the latest version? Google Docs (now called Google Drive) is a good solution that can bring those problems under control. This workshop will give you hands-on experience editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations through the Google Docs application, and will step you through the process of sharing documents and presentations with your colleagues and students, either as editing collaborators or for review. We’ll also discuss how your students can use Google Docs to support their group work, and to make it easier for them to give presentations while working from the cloud.


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