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There are two Prezi workshops offered in the AECs:

  • Prezi–The Basics–attendees will learn the basics of Prezi and construct a conceptual presentation incorporating text, images, and videos.
  • Prezi with Audio–a hands-on workshop focused on adding sound to a Prezi. Attendees should already have a Prezi account and some familiarity with Prezi. Attendees should have a built Prezi or be able to quickly build one.

Follow the instructions in this document to create an account prior to any of our Prezi workshops: PreziPrerequisite The document also suggests what kinds of materials to bring to the workshop to build your Prezi.

Watch this short video to see how Prezi can engage your audience with visual interest and activity:

Resources on general presentation trends.

Even though you may be planning to use Prezi in some of your new presentations, you are probably still going to use PowerPoint, as well. The following document contains links to a few resources on presentation design to make your PowerPoint presentations more effective:



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