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Consultations & Service Credits

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What Can We Do in a Consultation?

The Instructional Technologists (Karen, Sarah and Kessandra) and the Instructional Support Specialists (Steve and Bill) are available for one-on-one consultations on many topics related to technology-enabled teaching. You may call or email for an appointment—the best methods—or drop in to your campus CLE to see if we are free. Consultations are generally scheduled for one-hour appointments and can be set up for regular recurring meetings. Here are a few ideas about what we can do, but feel free to ask about anything you don’t see in the list.

  • If you are building a Blackboard site for the first time or re-designing one to move from a face-to-face to a blended or online course, we can suggest organizational methods for your content, as well as what technologies to use to achieve your desired pedagogical outcomes. We can make suggestions based on your needs and help you navigate typical Blackboard features.
  • If you have attended an CLE workshop on a specific classroom tool like Blackboard, SoftChalk, or Respondus or a web-based tool like Prezi or WordPress, we can consult with you in a one-on-one setting for more detailed and personalized advice. Workshops are often too generalized to answer all your questions and we would be happy to have the opportunity to address your particular situation.
  • We can look into new technologies at your suggestion and work up a review and recommendations. If the technology is free and web-based, we can learn how to use it sufficiently to be able to assist you. We love hearing about what’s new and giving it a test drive. Or to use another metaphor, we would love for you to think of the CLEs as your technology sandbox.

How can an Instructional Designer help? The Senior Instructional designers (Kevin, Pam, Kristina and Chuck) can help in the following ways:

  • Align Outcomes/ Objectives to Assessments
  • Add Variety in Assignments
  • Quality Matters Course Prep
  • Gamify Your Course and/or Instruction
  • Use Open Educational Resources
  • Flipped Classroom Techniques
  • Reduce Time in Grading
  • Share Resources

Schedule a consult with your designer today.

The Instructional Support Specialists (Steve and Bill) are available to work with individual faculty or departments on special media or long-term projects that require more specialized collaboration. They have a variety of skills in multimedia tutorials, video editing, and Photoshop image creation and editing, to name a few. Call for more specifics or to make an appointment.

How Can Full-Time Faculty Earn Service Activity Credits with the CLE?

Earn one (1) credit

  • Attend an CLE workshop
  • Complete a one and one half-hour scheduled consultation to implement skills learned in an CLE workshop or consultation

Earn two (2) credits

  • Conduct a workshop in the CLE on the use of an instructional technology
  • Partner with CLE staff to develop and/or co-present a professional development experience
  • Present at CLE events, such as a full-day workshop or seminar

Earn five (5) credits

  • Receive a Technology Mini-Grant
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