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Effective Fall 2018:

Cuyahoga Community College supports faculty innovation and encourages the experimentation and adoption of new practices and technologies in a number of ways.  The College has offered the Instructional Professional Development (IPD) Grant and the Tech Mini Grant for faculty to implement innovative strategies, techniques, and technology in their classrooms.  Based on faculty feedback, these internal grants that support innovation have been redesigned to encourage a more streamlined process for faculty.

Beginning this fall, the IPD and Tech Mini Grant will be combined into one grant, known as the Faculty Innovation Grant (FIG) and will be open to all full-time faculty, part-time faculty and program managers. The amount of available funding and types of work supported remains unchanged, but applicants can now focus on the development, implementation and sharing of their instructional innovation rather than managing multiple grant applications in a single academic year.  Additionally, the Tri-C Foundation developed the Learning and Teaching Excellence Mini-Grant Program (LTE) that will be available for all full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and program managers who propose projects that fill a short-term need for our students and has a direct connection to the College’s Strategic Plan to promote Access, Equity and Success.

Faculty Innovation Grant (FIG)

  • Description: The new Faculty Innovation Grant (FIG) will replace the IPD and Tech Mini-grant processes
  • Uses:  Support for faculty to design and implement new tools, resources, or techniques in their classroom (or virtual classroom) to enhance instruction and increase student learning outcomes
  • Eligibility:  All full-time faculty, part-time faculty and program managers
  • Application: Click here to download the fillable PDF application. Click here for the rubric used to evaluate grant applications
  • Email completed applications to the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at your home campus
  • Timeline:  Applications due November, 21, 2018
  • Review process: Campus based faculty and staff committee to recommend applications for funding
  • Questions: Contact the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at your campus

Learning and Teaching Excellence Mini Grant Program (LTE)

  • Description: The goal of this grant program is to support program development and enhancement, and increase student support services that increase classroom success, accelerate students’ ability to demonstrate workplace preparedness and facilitate job placement and career counseling.
  • Uses: Short-term classroom and course related needs, student experiential field trips and lecture series, program development and enhancement
  • Application: Click here to download fillable PDF application. Email completed application to
  • Eligibility:  All full-time faculty, part-time faculty and program managers
  • Timeline:  Rolling applications accepted until annual funding is exhausted
  • Review process: A review committee will make recommendations for funding
  • Questions: Contact Kate McDade at 216-987-4710 or



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