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Initiatives: Mentoring, PIL, Onboarding

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Mentoring Program

  • Cuyahoga Community College is committed to professional development and understands the importance of onboarding new employees. Mentoring is one way to help with assimilation to the College. Our Faculty Mentoring Program pairs full-time faculty and adjunct faculty new to teaching at the college level (“mentees”) with experienced and enthusiastic full-time faculty (“mentors”) to help them better understand the College’s goals, objectives, programs and procedures. The program also exposes mentees to techniques and resources to support the enrichment of student learning. At the same time, new faculty members are expected to share their expertise with their mentors. More information regarding the Mentoring Program can be found in the Faculty Mentoring Handbook contact the Mentoring Coordinator at your campus.

Professional Improvement Leave (PIL)

  • The College continues to support professional improvement leaves for those full-time faculty who have completed at least seven years of service to the College.
  • Find the PIL form on the college forms page.

Onboarding  to Teaching and Learning Program


  • New tenure-track faculty are required to participate in an extensive program that covers a variety of topics from orientation to pedagogy. This one year program starts at the beginning of the fall semester and meets every other Friday for a total of forty-five hours over the year. Each tenure-track member participating in the program will receive released time, based on the part-time faculty rate; a total of 3 ESUs (Equated Semester Units) will be available for participating in the entire program, one for each module.
  • Onboarding Schedule AY18-19
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