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Consensus Statement & Contract Language

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Link to IBB Consensus Statement (2013-2016 AAUP Contract)

Contract Language

Section 6.10.  Mandatory Days. Faculty’s attendance is required on six (6) days, subject to terms of this contract governing faculty absence. These six (6) days are: two (2) convocation days, two (2) campus days, one (1) faculty colloquium day and one (1) commencement day. Each full time faculty member must provide a full day of professional service on the mandatory contract days.

Section 6.11. 
Faculty Service and Development. Faculty Service and Development will not be measured as days present on campus, but will be measured in “credits,” which reflect specific activities and outcomes. Credit activities can be performed at any time during the calendar year, and can occur either on or off campus. These activities will fall into broad categories which will be established by the Service Activity Credit Committee.

A joint Service Activity Credit Committee will be comprised of an equal number faculty and administration. An equal number of faculty members will be chosen by the AAUP and the Faculty Senate. The Committee will create a menu of service options with suggested credit values. Credits do not equate directly to time, but will reflect the relative value of that activity during that given year.  Due to institutional priorities, the value of some activities may change from year to year, as determined by the Service Activity Credit Committee. Dean/Directors may add activities which are not on the main “menu” either on their own initiative, or as a result of a faculty request. Faculty requests for changes in the menu must be approved in writing by a Dean/Director, who will communicate with the Service Activity Credit Committee. The Service Activity Credit Committee may also add activities to the menu during the year to respond to emergent needs and opportunities. The Committee may determine a minimum number of credits required in each category; however, in the first year of implementation, minimum credits per category will not apply.

The Service Activity menu guide will be made available online and in print to faculty and administration prior to the end of the Spring term and will govern the following academic year. Faculty may obtain approval from their Dean/Director to perform activities during the summer and apply those credits to the following academic year.

Each faculty member must meet with his Dean/Director within four (4) weeks of the start of the Fall term to review his planned activities. This review will align with the faculty member’s Professional Development Plan. Changes to a faculty member’s activity schedule may be made at any time with the approval of the Dean/Director, to take into account unforeseen circumstances, opportunities, and needs of the college.

The Administration will develop a tracking system which permits efficient submission, approval, monitoring, and modification of activity plans. Faculty will be responsible for the timely updating of activity status. This status report will include a brief summary of the outcome of each activity.

Each faculty member will be required to complete a minimum of 10 of their 28 credits prior to December 31, and must complete the full 28 credits prior to the first day of the summer term. Failure to earn 28 credits will result in a reduction in pay corresponding to ½ day (3.75 hours) for each credit short of the required 28. This reduction will occur in the first pay period of the following Fall term.

Because of the need for non-instructional faculty to maintain their traditional service to the College mission during non-instructional periods, non-instructional faculty will spend a minimum of 14 of their 28 total credits performing their regular duties.

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