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The Faculty Service Activity and Development Credits are a multi-faceted approach to integrating Faculty Development, Professional Improvement, the College’s strategic goals, and the rationalization of our academic calendar. Ancillary benefits include an increased communication between Dean and Faculty Member and increased recognition of the contributions of all Faculty. Finally, there is the flexibility of performing work of our choice at a time of our choosing. These are bold and ambitious changes, and the Faculty is to be commended not only for your forbearance, but also for your imaginative contributions to the design and implementation process.

The following FAQ represents the present embodiment of the Faculty Service Activity and Development Credits. It reflects the ongoing work of the Service Activity Credit Committee (SACC), but also your suggestions and criticisms. This is our process. Through the Service Activity Credits we, as Faculty, can now use our own choice of actions in the aggregate as a way of helping to guide the college as an institution. Although there are certain contractual boundaries, remember that this is an organic process that is designed to grow and mature under your guidance. Never hesitate to share your ideas or concerns with the Service Activity Credit and Development Committee or your AAUP representative.

What is a service activity credit?

These are credits that are earned by tenured/tenure track faculty engaging in approved activities completed outside of instructional and normal prep time. Service Activities replace the former service and flex days, and one of the former mandatory days.

Can I earn credits by keeping flex days just as I used to?

No. Service activity credits have replaced the flex day system.

How many credits must I earn?

You must earn 28 credits. Each faculty member is encouraged to complete a minimum of 10 of their 28 credits prior to December 31, and must complete the full 28 credits prior to the first day of the summer term.

May I earn additional credits to carry-over to the next year?

Yes, you may earn and carry over, to the next contract year, up to five service activity credits beyond the required 28.

How do I receive credit for my service activities?

Review the Service Activity Credit and Development Catalog. (See FAQ #6 for information about activities that are not in catalog)

  • Complete the Faculty Request for Service Activity and Development Credit Form.
  • Meet with your Dean/Director to review your plan.
  • Activities found in the catalog do not need dean approval unless noted.

Can I get credit for an activity that is not in the Catalog?

Yes.  Faculty are encouraged to work within the Catalog wherever possible. If the proposed activity is not in the catalog you are free to present it to your dean/director for approval of the activity and credit value. If the activity involves collaboration with others across campuses or across disciplines, each Dean must agree on the activity and its credit value.

When should I review my credit plan with my Dean?

Per the contract, each faculty member should meet with his/her Dean/Director within four (4) weeks of the start of the fall term to review the planned activities. Additionally, faculty should meet with their Dean/Director in December to review the progress, and in May to discuss the completion of all activities.

Can I change my service activity plan during the year?

Yes, your service activity plan can be amended with the approval of your Dean/Director anytime.

What if I forget to get my Dean’s approval for an activity?

Activities found in the catalog do not need Dean approval. For all other activities pre-approval is recommended.

How do I demonstrate that I completed my activities?

Faculty are no longer required to show evidence of completed work.

What happens if I am sick on a day that I am scheduled to earn Service Credits?

Sick days and Personal Days cannot be applied to Service Credit work. If you miss an activity that credit must be reassigned.

Do service activity credits reflect time spent on the activity?

Time spent is one of the factors considered when deciding on a credit value. Activity outcome and impact are also very important in this decision.

Why are some activities higher in value than others involving a similar commitment?

Activities which align with the College’s strategic plan have been incentivized to encourage faculty to engage in them. These values appear in boldface in the Service Activity Catalog. The incentive is not permanent, and may be removed in subsequent years. The Service Activity Credit Committee has normed service credits for consistency across the college.

If I am getting ESUs for an activity, can I still receive service credits?

No, service credits are awarded only for activities that are not otherwise compensated.

If a faculty member is taking coursework that will result in application for salary grade advancement, does it qualify for service credits?

If the work is related to eligibility for salary grade advancement, it does not qualify for service credits.

Can I get credit for attending a workshop or meeting on mandatory day(s)?

Attendance at a workshop on a scheduled mandatory day does not qualify for credits. However, presenting or facilitating may qualify for service credits.

What if I am part of a team and it is a team service activity?

When faculty collaborates on an activity (such as curriculum revision), the total number of credits available is divided by the number of faculty working on the project and then rounded up to the nearest whole number. Fractional credits will not be awarded. Credits are then equitably divided among the collaborators. Under no circumstances will this increase the Catalog value by more than two (2) credits.

Can the Catalog change?

Yes. The Service Credit Committee may make minimal revisions during the course of the year. The entire Catalog will be reviewed and amended each April (and published in May). These amendments will reflect our experiences during the year and new priorities for the following year. In addition, the Committee will add activities that were developed by faculty during the year and which may have a broad application or appeal.

What If I don’t complete 28 credits by May 25, 2016?

It is a contractual obligation of the tenured/tenure track faculty to earn 28 service credits per year. If you have not completed 28 credits prior to the 1st day of the summer term an amount equal to 3.75 hours of pay will be deducted from your first fall paycheck for each service activity credit short of 28. The following formula should be used: the faculty member’s annual contract base salary is divided by 1350 (hours) to obtain that faculty member’s hourly rate. Multiply the hourly rate by 3.75 to obtain the service credit rate.

As an example, if a faculty member earns an annual salary of $65,000 that salary is divided by 1350 hours (to obtain an hourly rate) then multiplied by 3.75 to get the service credit rate.

$65,000/1350 = $48.15 per hour
$48.15 x 3.75 = $180.56 is the service credit rate

Who do I contact for general questions?

Contact a member of the Service Credit Activity Joint Committee:

Marianne Buccini, Western Campus
Elaine Bratslavsky, Eastern Campus
Lindsay English, Metropolitan Campus, co chair
Ed Foley, Western Campus, co chair
David Frazee, Western Campus
Lorraine Hartley, Eastern Campus
Mary Hovanec, Western Campus
Sandra McKnight, District
Andrew Pegman, District
Bob Searson, Westshore Campus
John Thomas, Western Campus
Mary Thompson, Metropolitan Campus
J. Michael Thomson, Eastern Campus


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