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(revised March 2015)

Service activity and development credits do not reflect everything that a faculty member does; they are designed to provide flexibility and acknowledgement of work that is done.


  1. Faculty must earn a minimum of 28 credits each year of the CCC-AAUP contract. Faculty may earn as many as 33 providing the opportunity to carry over up to 5 credits the next contract year.
  2. Catalog items do not need pre-approval.
  3. Credits are only awarded in whole number values. No fractional credits are awarded.
  4. While on leave (PIL, FMLA, etc.), faculty may not earn service credits. If the leave is less than one year, the number of contractual credits is adjusted per the table below.

# weeks on leave per term

Service Activity and development credits needed to fulfill contractual obligation per term

0 14
1 13
2 12
3 11
4 10
5 9
6 8
7 7
8 to 9 6
10 5
11 4
12 3
13 2
14 1
15 to 16 0

5. A faculty member may request an adjustment to the contractual number of required service activity and development credits in extraordinary circumstances. Such requests will be accompanied by supporting documentation and have the approval of the respective assistant/associate dean, academic affairs/student affair dean, and the campus president.
6.  Non-instructional faculty may earn all 28 service activity and development credits during non-instructional days but must earn a minimum of 14 credits on non-instructional days.


What is and is not eligible

  1. When offered, faculty may choose to receive service activity and development credit or remuneration (proffer) but may not receive both for the same activity.
  2. The Service Activity and Development Credit Committee does not intend the credit system to replace the contractual assignment of ESUs that are already budgeted.
  3. Activities on mandatory days are not eligible for service activity and development credit. However, a faculty member may earn credit for creating, presenting, or facilitating sessions for their colleagues on mandatory days.
  4. New Student Orientation (NSO): The lead counselor may earn one additional service credit for NSOs held outside of normal work hours (e.g. evenings and weekends).
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