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Excellence in Teaching Award in Honor of Ralph M. Besse

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Award Overview:

The Excellence in Teaching Award in Honor of Ralph M. Besse is presented annually for up to 4 full-time faculty members and up to 4 part-time faculty members selected for exceptional professional competence and commitment to helping students succeed. Specifically, these award winners demonstrate a commitment to academic quality, stimulation of intellectual development, and investment with students within and beyond the classroom. Students are the initial driver of the list of nominees. The award is given in honor of Ralph M. Besse, Cleveland community leader and champion of higher education, who was instrumental in founding Tri-C.

Award Highlights:

  • A maximum of eight awards will be announced (four full-time faculty and four adjuncts).
  • Awards are College-wide and not based on campus location or discipline.
  • Lecturers are eligible to receive the Adjunct Award.
  • Students are the initial driver of the list of nominees.
  • Nominees must have at least one recommendation submitted by College-wide faculty/staff in order to remain eligible for selection committee review.
  • Winners announced at Fall 2018 Convocation.

Previous Winners:

Click here for the previous Full-time Besse Award Winners

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The 2018-2019 Excellence in Teaching Award Winners:

Full-time Faculty

  1. Dr. Aaron Altose, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Eastern
  2. Amanda Hanley, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Westshore
  3. Lorrie DiGiampietro, Assistant Professor, English, Western
  4. Dr. Iryna Tsarukyanova, Assistant Professor, Biology, Western

Adjunct Faculty/Lecturers

  1. Vida Radovic, Adjunct, Mathematics, Western
  2. Melissa Resnick, Adjunct, Psychology, Metropolitan And Eastern
  3. Dr. Erica Stevenson, Lecturer, Biology, Westshore
  4. Dr. Joe Wagner, Business Administration/Information Technology, Western

The Besse Award Winners at Fall 2018 Convocation:

2018 Besse Award Winners Pic

Standing from left to right: Dr. Joe Wagner, Dr. Iryna Tsarukyanova, Dr. Karen Miller, Amanda Hanley, Dr. Aaron Altose
Seated from left to right: Vida Radovic, Dr. Erica Stevenson, Melissa Resnick, Lorrie DiGiampietro


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