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Instructional Technology Mini-Grants

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Instructional Technology Mini-Grant offers faculty the opportunity to develop innovative teaching and learning projects using instructional technology to motivate and increase student learning. The grant may fund the purchase of hardware or software, projects using Web-based or college-licensed tools, and/or reassigned time for full-time faculty. Applications were due on March 23, 2018 and the winners were announced the week of April 23, 2018.

Click here for the list of AY2018-2019 Awardees.

What is an Instructional Technology Mini-Grant?

minigrantwordleCompetitive grants up to $5000 for instructional technology project funds can be used for both equipment (hardware and software) and/or reassigned time (full-time faculty only). The primary purpose is to integrate a new instructional technology that supports student learning.

The Instructional Technology Mini-Grant program is aimed at encouraging faculty exploration of instructional technology to increase student success and increase institutional knowledge of both the successes and challenges in implementing instructional technology. All proposals will be reviewed on individual merit and should specifically focus on improving students’ learning outcomes.


All full-time faculty and program managers are eligible for equipment or software funding; however, only FT faculty are eligible to receive reassigned time support. Reassigned time will be awarded based on the project’s scope using the accepted hourly/ESU conversion chart from the 200 ESU Pool and may not exceed 3 ESUs per faculty member per academic year. ESUs will not be awarded to make your course(s) accessible.


Please use the application based on your home campus and return to the appropriate contact as listed in the application.

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